Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Button Necklace Tutuorial

I saw this picture on Pinterest last week and thought it would be fun to make one. But there was no tutorial, so I figured it out and now I'm tell you all how to make it :)

Make your own

you need embroidery floss... (I already had some) You'll need a piece about 4 feet long

Line up all your buttons in the order you want them

Separate your embroidery floss into 2 even sections

Thread into 2 sewing needles, then with both strands together, go to the other end, come up 5 inches and tie a knot.

Thread one needle through a button,

then the second needle through the other side of the button. 

Tie 4 knots and you're ready to thread the next button.

Make sure when you tie the knots that they are on the side of the button...

not on top/bottom.

when you have threaded every button, tie the ends together anyway you like!

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Beth said...

Thank you so so much for doing this tutorial and sharing your pictures. I have been wanting to teach a group of girls how to make these and was going crazy trying to figure it out. It never occurred to me to use two needles. LOL.